Day 14: Final words!

Last video!! :o Unless you people want more, then let me know! 

Day 12: Describe your childhood


Day 13: Complaining about anything

 Sorry I didn’t do one yesterday. Was too tired and busy. So here’s both :}

Day 11: Answer any questions

Day 10: Favourite movies

I start slow going from some of my DVD’s them rush through at the end because I run out of time lol

Special guest : whenthecheesehitsthefan <—- FOLLOW HIM

Day 9: Places you want to visit

Mostly covered this in a previous video, So just recapped really and added a few more places.

Didn’t go into much detail though sorry! Still feeling a bit meh from today :( 

Day 8: Favourite songs

I’v just got back from football, and I look a mess yay. And I sound reallly bored and tired doing this :( Sorry <3

Day 7 : People you want to get to know better


And everyone go follow Dan and send him birthday love!!!!

Day 6: Tour of your room/house

Excuse the messy house, bed hair and me looking like a slob! 

this took so many fucking attempts to upload ffs

And sorry it’s shit quality it had to be put on youtube instead :(

Day 5: Most Difficult experiences

Short video today :x So you won’t have to bare looking at/listening to me for long :}

Day 4 : Your personality online and in person

Short one today because I’v been up since 3.30 this morning, and I look like shit! but meh! 

Day 3 : Take us on a car ride with you anywhere

As I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t want to watch 20 minutes of driving at normal speed, I have sped up the driving part and put a song over it :}

I tried to go on a route that you were able to see the little town I live in and also some of the countryside.

I speak at the beginning and show you my sexy car too ;)  

Previous videos

Day 2: Your dreams, aspirations, career goals, etc.

Day 1 : Introduce yourself

I think I’v put this off long enough. Now bare with me whilst I go hide away from the PC.